Index of Traditional & Simplified Radical

These are Chinese characters radical with their meanings sorted by number of strokes/lines.

1 strokes: one; a, an; alonenumber one; line; KangXi radical 2dot; KangXi radical 3stretch丿line; KangXi radical 4hidden, mysterious, secret; to conceal; small; minutesecond heaven's stem; secondhook; KangXi radical 6
2 strokes: son, child; radical 10enter, come in(to), joineight; all around, all sideswide; KangXi radical 13cover; KangXi radical 14simplified KangXi radical 149ice; KangXi radical 15small tablereceptacle; radical 17knife; radical number 18tricky, sly, crafty, cunningknife; old coin; measurepower, capability, influencewrap; KangXi radical 20spoon, ladle; knife, dirkbox; KangXi radical 22box; KangXi radical 23ten, tenth; complete; perfectfortune telling; prophesyseal; KangXi radical 26factory, workshop; radical 27private, secret; KangXi radical 28and, also, again, in additiontwo; twicehead; KangXi radical 8radical number 9man; people; mankind; someone else
3 strokes: silk; KangXi radical 120gate, door, entrance, openingplace; KangXi radical 170fly; go quickly; dart; higheat, food; radical number 184horse; surname; KangXi radical 187mouth; open end; entrance, gateerect, proud; upright; baldsoil, earth; items made of earthscholar, gentleman; soldiergo; KangXi radical 34KangXi radical 35; go slowlyevening, night, dusk; slantedbig, great, vast, large, highwoman, girl; feminine; rad. 38offspring, child; fruit, seed ofremaining, left-over; lonelylarvae of the mosquitobeautifulroof; KangXi radical 40inch; small, tiny; rad. no. 41small, tiny, insignificantweak; KangXi radical 43lame; the first form is Radical 43corpse; to impersonate the dead; to preside; rad. no. 44sprout; KangXi radical 45mountain, hill, peakriver; KangXi radical 47stream, river; flow; boillabor, work; worker, laborersixth of twelve branches; the hours from 9 to 11already; finished; stopself, oneself; personal, privatekerchief; towel; turban; KangXi radical number 50oppose, offend; invade; driedcountry; rural; villageone; tiny, small广wide, extensive, broad; rad. 53go; KangXi radical 54two hands; KangXi radical 55catch, arrest; shoot with bowbow; curved, arched; KangXi radical number 57snout; KangXi radical 58snout; KangXi radical 58hair; KangXi radical 59step with left foot; rad. no 60heart; radical number 61talent, ability; just, onlywater; radical number 85dog; radical number 94
4 strokes: tiger; KangXi radical 141see, observe, behold; percievesea shell; money, currencycart, vehicle; carry in cartwalk; walking; radical number 162tanned leather; surname; simplified form of KangXi radical number 178wind; air; manners, atmosphereheart; mind, intelligence; soulhalberd, spear, lance; rad. 62door; family, householddoor; familydoor; familyhanddisperse, pay; support; branchrap, tap lightly; KangXi radical 66rap, tap; radical number 66literature, culture, writingChinese peck; liquid measurea catty (approximately 500 g); an axe; keen, shrewd; KangXi radical number 69a square, rectangle; a region; localnegative, no, not; KangXi radical 7sun; day; daytimesay; KangXi radical 73moon; month; KangXi radical 74tree; wood, lumber; woodenkwukyel: rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.'owe, lack, be deficient; KangXi radical number 76stop, halt, desist; detainbad, vicious, depraved, wickedname of old weapon; kill; rad. 79do not; not; surname; rad. 80[unknown: wu2? variant guan1?]to compare, liken; comparison; thanhair, fur, feathers; coarseclan, family; mistersteam, vapor; KangXi radical 84water, liquid, lot5on, juicefire, flame; burn; anger, rageclaw, nail, talon; animal feetfather; KangXi radical 88diagrams for divinationhalf of tree trunk; rad. no. 90half of tree trunk; rad. no. 90slice, splinter, strip; rad. 91tooth, molars, teeth; serratedcow, ox, bull; KangXi radical93dog; radical number 94king, ruler; royal; surname
5 strokes: life, living, lifetime; birthuse, employ, apply, operate; usethrow away, discardfield, arable land, cultivatedcause, reason; fromarmor, shell; fingernails; first of the heavenly stemsto state to a superior, report; extend; ninth terrestrial branchcockroach (Cantonese)electricity; electric; lightningroll, bolt of cloth; footsick; KangXi radical 104legs; KangXi radical 105white; pure, unblemished; brightskin, hide, fur, feather; outershallow container; rad. no. 108eye; look, see; division, topicspear, lance; KangXi radical 110arrow, dart; vow, swearstone, rock, mineral; rad. 112cult; radical number 113show, manifest; demonstraterump; KangXi radical 114grain still on stalk; rice plantcave, den, hole; rad. no. 116stand; let stand; establish, setRadical 122gold; money; KangXi radical 167long; length; excel in; leaderbird; KangXi radical 196dragon; symbolic of emperordeep, profound, abstrusejade, precious stone, gemmelon, gourd, cucumber; rad. 97tile; earthenware pottery; girlsweetness; sweet, tasty
6 strokes: bamboo; flute; KangXi radical 118hulled or husked uncooked ricesilk; KangXi radical 120silk; KangXi radical 120earthen crock or jar; rad. 121net; network; KangXi radical 122sheep, goat; KangXi radical 123featherfeather, plume; wings; rad. 124old, aged; experiencedexamine, test; investigateand; and then; and yet; buthandle of plow; plow; rad. 127ear; merely, only; handlepen; radical number 129writing brush, pencil; thereuponflesh; meat; KangXi radical 130minister, statesman, officialself, private, personal; fromreach, arrive; extremely, verymortar; bone joint sockettongue; clapper of bell; KangXi radical 135oppose, deviate, be contrary toboat, ship; KangXi radical 137seventh of eight diagramscolor, tint, hue, shade; form, body; beauty, desire for beautygrass; KangXi radical 140grass; radical number 140insects, worms; KangXi radical 142blood; radical number 143go; walk; move, travel; circulateclothes, clothing; cover, skinclothes; radical number 145西west(ern); westward, occidentvariant of radical 146cover; KangXi radical 146page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181even, uniform, of equal length
7 strokes: see, observe, behold; perceivehorn; angle, corner; pointwords, speech; speak, sayKangXi radical 149valley, gorge, ravinebeans, peas; bean-shapeda pig, boar; KangXi radical 152radical 153; legless insects; a legendary beastsea shell; money, currencyred; communist, 'red'; barewalk, go on foot; run; leavewalk, go on foot; run; leavefoot; attain, satisfy, enoughbody; trunk, hull; rad. no. 158cart, vehicle; carry in cartbitter; toilsome, laborious; 8th of the heavenly stemsearly morningwalk; walking; KangXi radical 162area, district, city, statetenth of the twelve earthly branches; a wine vesseldistinguish; KangXi radical 165unit of distance; village; laneturtle or tortoise; cuckold
8 strokes: KangXi radical 167gold; metals in general; moneylonglong; length; excel in; leadergate, door, entrance, openingmound; abundant, ample, numeroussubservient; servant; rad. 171bird; KangXi radical 172rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173blue, green, black; youngbluenot, negative, non-; opposefish; surname; KangXi radical 195齿teeth; gears, cogs; age; simplified form of the KangXi radical number 211
9 strokes: face; surface; plane; side, dimensionleather, animal hides; rad. 177tanned leather; surname; KangXi radical number 178scallion, leek; radical 179sound, tone, pitch, pronunciationpage, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181wind; air; manners, atmospherefly; go quickly; dart; higheat, food; radical number 184eat; meal; food; KangXi radical number 184head; first; leader, chief; a poemfragrant, sweet smelling, incense
10 strokes: horse; surname; KangXi radical 187bone; skeleton; frame, frameworkhigh, tall; lofty, elevatedhair; KangXi radical 190struggle, fight, compete, contendsacrificial wine; unhinderedtype of caldron with three hollow legs; name of a state; KangXi radical number 193ghost; spirit of dead; devil
11 strokes: fish; surname; KangXi radical 195bird; KangXi radical 196saline soil; natural salt, rock鹿deer; surname; KangXi radical 198wheat, barley, oats; simplified form of KangXi radical number 199wheat, barley, oats; KangXi radical number 199hemp, jute, flax; sesame
12 strokes: yellow; surnameyellow; surnameglutinous millet; KangXi radical number 202black; dark; evilblack; dark; evil, sinisterembroidery, needlework; radical
13 strokes: to strive; to endeavorto strive; to endeavorlarge, three-legged bronze caldrona drum; to drum, from whence comes: to rouse; to swell; to bulgedrum; beat, top, strikerat, mouserat, mouse; KangXi radical 208
14 strokes: nose; first; KangXi radical 209even, uniform, of equal length
15 strokes: teeth; gears, cogs; age; KangXi radical 211
16 strokes: dragon; symbolic of emperorturtle or tortoise; cuckold
17 strokes: flute; pipe, ancient measure